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There used to be a search bar on the site, has it gone or am I looking in the wrong place?  Thanks


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farinam 2016 March 3

Hello Jacqui,

Unfortunately, at this stage there is no search function since the site upgrade.  Admin are aware of the need and hopefully there will be one back in due course.  In the meantime, I'm afraid it just means trawling through the posts and recipes.

Sorry about that.


Anonymous 2016 March 4

Thanks Farinam, that's a pity, made life a lot easier......hope it's reinstated soon!


Anonymous 2016 March 13

You can search from google like this:


let's say i want a starter recipe, i write in the search bar:

starter recipe

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Maedi 2016 March 14

You should now see a search icon at the top right of the website. Click it to expand the search box. Cheers

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