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Does anyone have a simisla quite old Retarder/Proofer for SinMag? I just got hld of it second hand and it does not have a manual. Most of It I have figured out. Over on the left of the picture there are two rotating controls to adjust the hydration. One seems to control how often the plumbed in water is sprayed in and the other is I think is for the length of the time the water should be sprayed. Both I assume are in seconds.

Anyone have an idea of how these should be used?

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Martin Prior

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martin_prior 2018 September 19

Thank you for your response. Yes I did contact Sinmag both in Malaysia and China. Both responded promptly unfortunately I guess this retarder is too old even for them. They sent the same manual as your link which although has the same model number has a very different controller.

I think I have worked it out now and have managed to reduce the humidity so that water is not pooling at the bottom of the proofer.


Once again thanks.


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