The original San-Francisco starter.

Alex Dubovoy


I have a question. I have an original San-Francisco starter. I wonder, how i sould activate it. Does anyone has a particular instrucktion. How many steps, how long, what temperature and exact amount of flour and water and the dough.

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farinam 2015 November 24

Hello Alex,

I would start by adding 50g flour (you could include 10 g of wholemeal rye flour in the 50g as an extra tonic) and 50g water plus water equal to the amount of material that you have (assuming that it is a dry sample that you have).  It should show signs of activity within several hours (or overnight).  Repeat the feed after 12 hours, then discard half and feed again for another 12 hours.

In the meantime, read SourDom's Beginners Blog on this site (under Beginners on the Categories Tag at the top right) where he gives very good advice on starting, maintaining and using your sourdough including a good simple recipe called Pane francesa.

If your sourdough does not show signs of activity after the feedings outlined above then continue to follow SourDom's instructions for establishing a culture and after eight or ten days you should have one made by your very own hands.

Good luck with your projects.


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