My dough is ... strange


Hi all,

I'm making sourdough bread for a couple of years now. Since a few weeks I've got this strange problem with my dough. It's loosing it's stretch, it fall's apart, gets sticky and doesn't hold any air. It rises good, but the moment I look at it (not realy) It dies (also not realy).
To make things visible, I included a gif.

What I tried without success:

  • less kneading
  • longer / shorter fermentation
  • adding salt after / autolyse
  • used other flour
  • even made a brand new starter

The last thing I can think of is lowering the roomtemperature. Which I can't. The dough tem is about 23°C

How can I get back this wonderfull elastic dough I used to have?

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farinam 2016 May 23

Hello anonymous,

It does sound a bit strange.  The first thought from what you describe is over-proving but you say you have tried varying your timing.

The picture does seem to show the presence of gluten strands though the dough does have a 'clumpy' look about it.  Exactly what stage of the process was that?

Perhaps if you give us some more detail of your recipe and the methods and schedule that you use it would help with diagnosis.

Good luck with your projects.


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