Lentil Chickpea Yeast

Hello All, I wonder any of you have ever used a yeast which is generated by using lentil, chickpea,flour, sugar and water. I have saw some villagers using this technique in Mediterranean regions.
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as follows:-

Sounds interesting. These instructions may work Fermented Flower Water (and Fruit Water*)
1. Pick your favorite eatable flowers (Roses, Fruit or veggie blossoms, etc.) Organic is best.
2. Place blossoms in a clean (sterile is best) Jar and fill 3/4 with water.
3. Add a sweetener (honey or sugar at 10-30% of combined weight of water and flowers)
which will act as the food for the yeast and bacteria.
4. Close tightly and shake.
5. Shake and burp twice a day to prevent mold and release gas buildup.
6. After a few days (3-7), the jar will fill with bubbles and fizzle when opened (like a soda can).
7. At this point you can use the water to make a starter. Drain the fruit and place jar in the
fridge to slow down fermentation and keep for longer.

Flower Starter
1. Mix equal parts of flour and Fermented Flour water (from above). place in a container and
let stand at room temp until doubled.
2. At this point you can use the starter to make dough.
3. OR - feed the starter 2 more times (every 12 hours) with more Flower water from the jar.
This will give the starter a chance to build strength while maintaining the flower aroma.
* You can use fruit and vegetables or even just the peels.
(with fruit and veggies, don’t add any sugar!)

I have tried a fruit starter before and its worked well (fejioa).  I would say it could work for chickpeas/lentils if organic.  If they are irradiated, that may have killed the yeasts.

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as follows:-


Chickpea Starter
These instructions were given to me by a Turkish friend. 

You need 1 cup cracked organic chickpea. It has to be like powder. If you cant make it with a hammer just use organic chickpea flour. I add 2 cups bottled warm water, 1 spoon sugar, a little pinch of salt and keep this yeast in jar and in very warmth place. You can keep it near a central heater. 28 hours later you can see bubbles. It means it's ready to use.

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