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Having trouble getting dough to hold its shape


70% hydration,. with bread flour. Plenty of folding to where I get a really strong windowpane. I do bulk fermentation in fridge overnight, dough about double. Work it on the counter and get really good surface tension during shaping. Kept in banneton until double. As soon as I turn it out on my parchment paper to lower into my dutch over, it just slumps. Also, maybe related, my razor blade -- using either water or flour -- does not score sharply, but tends to snag.


I get a decent oven spring, but not sure if I'm expecting too much in terms of it keeping its shape. I can't imagine baking it on a stone without the support of the dutch oven. 


Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?






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SlackerJohn 2020 February 12

Shape might be the Holy Grail, but it's not easy, and shouldn't be the be-all and end-all.  Most of the loaves shown on this site are wider than they are high.  I find that using a tin, and oven-spring, help a lot.

Now just a thought...   If the dough has risen 4x before the oven, it might have too much gas in it, and be just too delicate.  IMO, it's more common to bulk ferment on the bench, shape, THEN prove in fridge overnight, which gives the dough time to rest and settle.  I wouldn't be looking for much rise at all.

Good luck!


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