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First time post.

I'm building a new starter with a view to a No Knead 3 flour Sourdough.

my loaf would have 70% bread flour, 15% Rye and 15% Wholemeal.

Would I build a better starter if I make the base starter using those 3 flours in those ratios?

Will it make a difference to the end loaf?

Hopefully someone has tried this before.



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farinam 2017 January 18

Hello emmsee,

I think you can feed your starter with whatever you like.  I routinely use 10% wholemeal rye and 90% wheat bread flour.

I think, by and large, that the flavour of the bread is influenced more by the bulk of the fresh flour and the fermentation that goes on in making the loaf than by the content of the starter though it is possible that small amounts of strongly flavoured by-products of the starter fermentation could have an effect.

In the end, it is whatever suits you and your taste-buds.  And, of course, your persistance to add small quantities of multiple flours (unless you mix in bulk).

Good luck with your projects.


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