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Hi there! I am new to the sourdough community. I am wondering if it is possible to use 100% fed starter to bake bread. Is it necessary to add additonal flour? I have made delicious pancakes from 100% starter (I know pancakes are different). Does anyone have a recipe that is close to 100% starter?... even 3/4? Thanks!

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Staff 2017 May 28


Leanne Russ says...

I'm not sure it would work. Bread rises because the yeast in the starter produces carbon dioxide as a bi product of consuming food (flour). In my experience, you CAN use starter to make lovely sour pancakes though! They don't rise and they have a dense texture. Interested to hear other people's experience



Val Keeney 2017 June 7

So glad i found this site, too late to save my first starter, but will know better than to dump out before I read next time.  Found just what I needed to know about smelly starters.  I used a combo of bread flour & rye, it was going along very nicely then turned into a soupy, vomitty smelling mess.  Thought I had killed it so sent it the way of many a gold fish.  Now I know better.  Thanks so mucuh for the help.

Angeltinks 2017 July 15

I've used wholegrain flour for my starter and nurtured it and it's fine. Are you supposed to use something other than flour and water to make a starter???

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farinam 2017 July 16

Hello Angeltinks,

Flour and water is absolutely all you need.  Wholemeal flour of some sort can be helpful as there is likely to be a higher concentration of the wild yeasts and so forth associated with the bran and other goodies that are taken out of white flour. As well, whole meal rye contains some sort of enzyme that is beneficial for yeast activity and many people use a proportion of that in the establishment and feeding of their starter.

If you need more details about sourdough from go to whoa, you could have a read of the Beginners Blogs by SourDom that you can access from the home page on this site.

Good luck with your projects,


yozzause 2017 July 29

Turning 100% starter into a loaf  would require the use of a pan as you will be baking a batter to all intents and purposes. The  mixture would be very suseptable to collapse as it would have little or very weak structure, it would also take some baking out. There are  good reasons why tried and true formulas are recommended and that is they produce good reliable consistent  results. for instance 3:2:1  for Sour dough  flour : water : culture. Experimentation and tinkering around the edges can be fun and if you keep good record  of the things you do you may come up with something that you want to replicate and even share with others. i do feel that if you stray to far from the well worn path you can easily get lost.          Another point is that there is quite a bit of confusion that creeps in with terminology  for instance the question "Can i use 100% fed starter to make bread" again Yes, i use 100% (hydration) starter /culture in my Sour dough bread making  but it is used at the rate of 33% of the dough formula! Two entireley different prospects.



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