Wimpy whole wheat sandwich bread - need advice

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I used to make a perfectly good 100 percent whole wheat bread - with commercial yeast - in my breadmaker and baked in the oven. Now, up to bread #29 in my 108 bread quest, There is someone in the household requesting a sandwich bread. Now I use my starter, knead and pray to the universe's bread goodwill.

Here is bread #29. Frankly, this might be a recipe to play with, but it is very unlikely to be a favorite. Will try again for a good whole grain (or nearly) sandwich bread. http://ow.ly/nx9Dl Recipes and suggestions are welcome.

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farinam 2013 August 2

Hello Sheryl,

I guess it depends how you define sandwich bread.  If you mean 'softer', you could try adding some oil (say 30g) and work at a higher hydration or use milk for your liquids (other than in the starter).  I have a multigrain recipe that comes up pretty well too but I will have to dig it out.

Good luck with your projects.


HopesHope 2013 August 3

I think you are being to hard on yourself.   I looked at your bread, and it looks alright with me.    Practice makes perfect.  

I have never used white whole wheat so I don't know how it works.    


look forward to seeing number 29. 


Take Care



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