Willing to share some starter?

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My sister in Sydney would like to start making some sourdough bread, but I don't think AQIS would be that happy with me sending some of my starter over to her from NZ!  So I was wondering if one of you Aussies with a nice mature firm starter would mind posting some of it to my sister?

Yours hopefully,

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farinam 2011 June 19

Hi Karniecoops,

It could be arranged, but wouldn't your sister enjoy developing her own?  You'd have to admit that it is pretty easy.

Send me a PM if you want to progress though I generally run mine at 100% hydration so if you wanted a firm one (?%hydration) I would have to adjust.  Alternatively, could send a piece of dough from my next loaf.



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Karniecoops 2011 June 19

No, my sister isn't interested in the "pfaffing" of creating a starter, she just wants to make the bread (too impatient!) - even though yes, it is easy enough to do!  I think liquid levain would be too dangerous (ie leaky) to post, so pice of dough would do the trick nicely.

Will send PM with details.

Many thanks :o)

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