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Hey everyone,

I love this community.  I deliver sourdough bread to businesses as my day to day job.  Recently I realized how great it would be to start selling bread and starters online.  I have had a number of people ask me about buying sourdough starters, and now I can direct them to my website.  Check it out:  simplysourdough.com

Hopefully you guys will find this useful.  I designed the website myself, do you like the look?  Does anyone have suggestions on what I should sell?  I have been thinking about putting a blog online so that I can post recipes and tutorials of my own.  Of course I will link the Sourdough Companion community.


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benh 2010 July 24

 Very cool web site. If there was something similar here in Perth I would use it. If you were selling starter it might also be helpful to stock some other basic equipment such as dough scrapers and cane baskets. I have recently created my first starter and I found it annoying having to order various equipment from separate shops. It of been nice just to be able to get everything from the one shop but I'm sure that's something to do with my location.

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virtuousbread.com 2010 August 2

In the UK, for UK residents only, there is a baker that has a 150 year old wheat sour dough starter and a rather younger rye sour dough starter and she has started a "sour dough share save scheme" which is free.  You join up on line and get in the queue to receive your refreshed starter from the person ahead of you on the list.  The link to the scheme is here:  http://www.gingerbreadgirl.name/2010/04/05/introducing-the-great-sour-dough-share-save-scheme/

andiemyers 2014 March 11

Hi Jax,

I came across this thread and your site and I just want to say that it is good! Though you have to work on the navigation of the website because it doesn't seem to work for me. Anyway, if you are looking for food packaging for your bread you can look into www.packqueen.com.au . This is where I get my supplies from and they also ship fast Australia-wide. Good luck and I wish you all the best in your business.

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