What happend?


Well, i was feeding my starter twice a day, 24 h interval. It was very active, - double in ~6 h - (feeding method : throw most, 100 water 100 flour).


And now, suddenly, in ~ 16 h it is just bubbling, not volume expansion.

True, I just moved in an other country, but i had for a few days a very good activity even here.

and another thing, i have an 75% hydration starter, that's just great!


Why that starter is so active and the 100% h is so lazy?

What should I do?

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lily 2010 November 16

Perhaps your 100% starter is a different flour base to that of your 75%?  Did your move result in a different flour source?  I would just keep on keeping on doing the same thing and wait for it to become used to whatever is different. 

alexandrut03 2010 November 16

Yes, the flour was changed. But the flour is the same for both starters.

Don't know... i'll feed the 100% one every 24 h for ... say... a week or 10 days... and i'll see.

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