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my semolina loaves are in their final proofing stage and i tore the skin on one during the shaping. do i slash the loaf before putting it oven or not? anything i should do or should have done to correct the problem?



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farinam 2012 October 16

Hi Olivier,

I would just carry on as normal at this stage.

In terms of how to prevent the happening in the future, I can only suggest being less vigourous with the shaping.  Or perhaps put the loaf aside to rest for 20minutes or so to relax and reshape.

Hope the loaves turn out well.


Keith888 2012 October 16

Hi! Oliver,

                With over 35 years as a qualified baker.

Many things can make this problem occur.

1: Cold air or draft has got to it, causing it to dry out a bit.

   Try spraying with water. If it has a skin on it, does work if you let it sit for awhile.

   Cutting the dough does hide the problem.

2: The dough could be undermixed

    Not much you can do there once the dough has been taken  and divided, moulded and proofed.

    Could through back and mix through the next couple of doughs, if you have the time?

3: Your dough is to tight and moulded very tight.

4: Alot of bakers have the beleive a dough should finished at 20c or above for good results.

    To me it's rubbish. Finish under 20c Best results 16c - 18c

    If you get caught with the oven or some Wally on the phone, the dough won't get away from you.

5: Your proofer may have dry spots, steam not getting to that area, may have to move them around when


6: If you are proving the dough with just covers over it ( the old Italian way of making ding bread. )

    Then cold drafts can be a problem. People walking in and out, leave the door open.

7: Too much Semolina can be absorbed by the dough, causing a skin problem. That I presume you

    are dusting them or rolling the dough in Semolina?

    I hope all of this helps.

    Best Regards,


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