Six loaves!!!

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Well today is my birthday and I am having fun baking sourdough! I am baking six loaves of bread today! Three are a Whole Wheat blend and three are a Basic Sour white. I am baking so much because I am tired of running out of bread! My children eat it faster than I can bake it! I am going to freeze some. Here it is:



I am really pleased by how they turned out and the ones that are being eaten right now (yes, two down four to go) are nice and holey inside.



Have a great day baking, I am!

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TeckPoh 2006 June 26

Hallo? I think it's more appropriate to wish Teresa, "Happy Birthday" in advance. Hey, Maedi...I know you're playing catch-up, but you seem to be sifting through every thread with a fine toothcomb. Don't you have homework to do?

Actually, I do welcome your bumping up old threads. Like this one, it was before I joined. Missed these gorgeous loaves. Sigh...wishing that one day soon, my loaves will reach these levels of perfection.

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Maedi 2006 June 26

That's whats so good about a forum. It's just like time travel. Bill's thread got to me. Once I feel like I've contributed enough spam, then I'll take a break.

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