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Maedi ultimate sourdough companion, Dom is an investigative baker who can describe the baking process in simple terms. He is one of those special dads who can simultaneously balance a baby and bake a baguette. This video was taken in Melbourne, Australia, a month or two before Dom and his family moved to the UK.Dom reveals his method for adding steam to a fan-forced oven, which can otherwise be a harsh baking environment. The crust of these baguettes was indeed very special. Thank you Dom.Graham and Maedi

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chembake 2007 August 24

Attention people..!
I don't know how good are the contents in this video area....
I have tried using GOM player for this but was not even recognized.
Could the webmaster have the video format be changed from mov( fof quicktime) to AVI, Mpeg, flv or anything like that so that it can be viewed by other software.
I want the same thing with Grahams videos


chembake 2007 August 25

Thanks Maedi for that generous gesture!
Indeed I prefer MPEG files as I had heaps of compatible software that can read that format in my PC.
I don’t have problems downloading a bigger file as I am using a download accelerator and broadband connection.
I hope you won’t mind, would it be possible also to convert those Milawa’s quicktime video’s to other PC friendly software as well..?

BTW...that's nice bread you have there DOM.! ...and a nice kitchen too

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Jeremy 2007 August 26

Wish you were here! Great things we are doing and having a just take it easy good bake love in, no gloves with nude bodies, just good drink and baking!

P.S.TP, all of us send our love to you one and all!

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Graham 2007 August 26

Well Jeremy, I am very glad to hear that you are all having such a wacky time in Wales. I am emailing Dom and asking him to give you a big hug (or kiss?) from me. Maedi and I will be there next time for sure. I wish we could have joined you! Please say hi and let Mick and all know that we send our best. Make sure you get a photo or two! See You. Graham

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Graham 2007 August 26

Hi Chembake. We are still experimenting a bit with the way video is presented. Also you will notice that our editing and sound skills are getting better (maedi edited Dom's video, and the Milawa videos will be revised to improve their quality soon). I definitely want the videos to be enjoyable and accessible by everyone. We have quite a lot of valuable content I think you will be very surprised. Graham

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northwestsourdough 2007 August 27

Great looking baggies Dom! Can't you just turn off the fan so the oven doesn't cool down? I know that you must have already thought of that and so it probably just can't happen. Anyway great looking bread...and kids too!

SourDom 2007 September 7

Hi there folks,

thanks Graham for coming to visit, and for posting this video.

I have been offline for several weeks, so haven't had a chance to see the video until now. Graham and Maedi have done a sterling effort in editing.

yes, turning off the fan was not an option with my oven in Australia.
I am now in the UK, and am grappling with a quite different oven - a small gas oven with no fan at all, markedly different temperatures at different levels (hot at the top, cold at the bottom), and generally a lot slower than my Ozzie fan-forced oven. I am still experimenting with different options, but I haven't worked out how to get the same steam effect that was possible with the above technique. Baking in a pot works, but that isn't an option for baguettes!


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