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Since the new forum format my firefox browser will not enable me to login properly, it seems I appear to be logged in but I have no access to contol panel and some other features, nor can I post. I can log in using explorer and posted this using explorer, but I much prefer Firefox. Any ideas?

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Jeremy 2007 June 16

That is weird I have firefox too, but all seems well. At the moment I am using windows explorer at work!


P.S. send a pm to Maedi!

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Danubian 2007 June 16

Thanks Jeremy, I wil do that. Never mind I seem to have fixed it. My firewall settings were the problem. Funny though, because I didn't have to alter my settings with the older format. Oh well never mind.

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Maedi 2007 June 16

Glad to hear everything's dandy now. Danubian, never hesitate to contact me, I'm only a PM away....
Firefox is a great browser, I'd love if everyone used it. Most problems experienced in the forum can be fixed by clearing your cookies.


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bianchifan 2007 June 16

[quote="Maedi"]Firefox is a great browser, I'd love if everyone used it. [/quote]

the only doesn't support color management (little )

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TeckPoh 2007 June 16

A friend pointed me to [url=]this[/url], available now to windows users. Seems it's very fast. I've downloaded it but haven't had the time to look it over...prefering familiarity (firefox) at the moment.

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bianchifan 2007 June 17

Teepee..first try of mine for a trip through the Sahara. .."Safari has discovered some problems and must be terminated"
Second try yesterday with new Beta...faults by unpacking

My Internet console is a little antiquarius one, An ABIT BP6 with two Celeron 366, overdriven @533 MHz, Celeron wasn't designed for Dual prozessing, but Abit had build some my internet user, it's a very stupip rights at all, Administration is stricly separated.

Safari can't handle, its no beta..its a prealpha version, just as c't tells.

On Windows (or WinDoof, i.e. Winstupid, as german Linuxers names) there is only one browser..FF.
Netscape..too big, overloeded..dead. Opera..too much problems.
Nevertheless, sometimes one needs webwasher, too.

PaddyL 2009 April 17

I have made such enormous leaps and bounds with my sourdough baking since I came to this site a year ago, and even though I have no pictures, I wanted to tell you about it, but I'm being told I am not allowed to add content to the forum. Why?

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Millciti 2009 April 17

I checked and I have the same problem... sniff:(

But I don't think we are banned really, just something going on with the upgrade. You should give Maedi a shout directly through the email option.

But for now, the blog feature still works! So go to your account, and then into View recent blog entries, and you can add your story and pictures there. Then we can all read about the fabulous work you have been doing! And comment on how great your bread soon as you get pictures at least. I have Maedi's word that soon we will be able to do all kinds of neat stuff!

Hope this helps!


PaddyL 2009 April 18

I did e-mail someone, not sure whether it was Maidi or Graham, but it's a relief to know if isn't just me. I've had my sourdough starters going for a year now, it's a year since I found this site I think, and my sourdough baking is really doing well. It's pretty much all we eat now, and it's doing wonders for my sister's health. I should have pictures by June, as that's when she will be getting her camera for her birthday and she used to be a professional photographer so I should be able to post something really nice. In the meantime, you'll just have to take my word for it!

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TeckPoh 2009 April 18

I've problems with accessing via firefox too. I now use IE to get in (one would have thought a fox was better at burrowing) and I still have the posting tools missing.

To post pix...use the codes, ie. open image and close image codes within the square brackets.


Kerry 2009 April 18

Firefox has always worked well here for me. Having said that, I don't have a slider bar (don't know the technical term) at the bottom of the window and today can't find the Logout. Perhaps because I can't move the window across to the left?

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Maedi 2009 April 19

Hi Kerry, that could be it. Send me a screenshot if you'd like ([email protected]). You can also logout by clicking the following link:

And login using this link:

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Maedi 2009 April 19

Oh yeah, and I've got some time up my sleeve so I'll have a go at fixing things like:

  • Editor buttons not showing
  • New Recipes section
  • Upgrading the site to the latest software
  • ...anything else?
  • I just spotted that these lists are out of wack so I'll have a look at that.
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LeadDog 2009 April 20

Here is something else that needs to be fixed. When I'm in the forum area at the top of the forums I get this message.

[quote]you are not allowed to post new content in forum.[/quote]

I can start a new blog but not a new post in any forum area.

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Millciti 2009 April 20

I got this from Maedi earlier - I haven't seen Maedi put it anywhere else yet, so I'll just post it here for now:

Subject: Re: problems posting
Date: 2009, April 19 - 13:37

Hi Terri,

I'm not trying to stop new people from posting, it's just a technical problem. I'll look into this, but please in the mean time use this link:

I'll make a notice in the forum about this.


Hope this helps


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LeadDog 2009 April 21

Yes that helps. I would have posted the Sourdough Pretzels in the recipe section instead of my blog. Maybe my next adventure will end up in the recipe section. I just need some corn flour to do my next bread. Where can I get some?

PaddyL 2009 April 21

I thought I was being discriminated against because I hadn't been here for awhile! And I wanted to tell you that I've actually been able to adapt a regular bread recipe to sourdough and add no dry yeast, and still get a beautiful, high-risen sandwich bread. Don't know whether any of you remember my Elsie starter, but she's still going strong after a year. I never dreamed I could make bread like this. I've even made Daniel Leader's sourdough croissants, though he adds a whopping tbsp. of instant yeast to the mix which I don't think is all that necessary.

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Millciti 2009 April 21

I found some corn flour both yellow and white, in bulk packaging at my local menonite farm market. Do they have something like that where you live?

If you can find bob's red mill flours locally - he has a nice fine corn flour. Looks like there might be a problem with his website today. Make sure you are virus protected if you go there. I sent them an email this morning.

Also I found this site to be pretty interesting, they also have whole berries in lots of interesting grains. Maybe you could order enough other stuff to make it cheaper. Check out their shipping rules.

I might have to order some spelt or Kamut from them...

Maybe some other West Coast bakers will have local sources to recommend.


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LeadDog 2009 April 29

Problem solved. I went to the local health food store and got a half pound of whole organic corn, 59¢. That went into my mill to make corn flour. The starter for the next experiment is fermenting away so in a few days I'll find out how all this is going to work out.

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Maedi 2009 April 29

[quote=LeadDog]Here is something else that needs to be fixed. When I'm in the forum area at the top of the forums I get this message.

[quote]you are not allowed to post new content in forum.[/quote]

I can start a new blog but not a new post in any forum area.[/quote]

Okay, this has been fixed! On to the next thing... TeckPoh, smilies are now back also.

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TeckPoh 2009 April 30

Testing, testing....'s still smilieless. The guys are there at the top, but they won't appear here.


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Maedi 2009 May 1


I think that's because the editor is not on, but I think it will still show in your posts. I promise I'll have the editor back ASAP.


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Maedi 2009 May 8
The editor is back! Gee, really sorry for the delay on this guys. *ashamed*. Smooth sailing from here on I hope, I can't wait for the recipes section!

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LeadDog 2009 June 3
I noticed I can't seem to edit the first post in my blog.  I would like to make a correction to the pretzel blog post but don't see an edit button anywhere.

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