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[size=18]Thankyou Teckpoh, Sourdom & Nina on dropping by and saying hello. [/size]Thanks for the advice... I did a few things differently with this one. Fed my starter the afternoon before and left out of the fridge. Awoke to a frothy fibulation of bacterial frenzy. Immediately had to make some bread when I saw that, so i used an extra tablespoon & a half of starter this time and decided to make a plain white baguette. Worked the dough only lightly and let ferment for over an hour. then I just folded it together again into my bowl. Then I left it for 5 hours at room temp ~25' then molded it into shape and let prove for 1 1/2hrs before baking. Has a noticible sour finish on the palate. Is that how it should be? I did use more starter and made a smaller batch of dough so I guess that's why things started rising more than my previous effort. Very Proud that it aerated by itself and that the baguette sprung up in the oven without tearing the dough anywhere! May have molded & folded it correctly!! I think that I may have let the dough ferment too long though, before shaping it into the baguette as I didnt get much rise after that - except in the oven. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Oh! .... It's meant to be a baguette, that's what i thought it was...Too big for a baguette?? Photo makes it look like a loaf! I dunno... I just loved makin' this one & was pretty happy with the result !!

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TeckPoh 2006 November 13

Good for you! It helps (not only in your early sourdough journey but also later) to keep a notebook to jot down your formula and method, so that you can replicate it if you're happy with it.

Have you gone through Dom's superb tutorials? There are little notes here and there to help you check if your dough is due for shaping and baking.

Oh...if you click on your thumbnail, you'll get the large size pic. Copy that url to post. Love to be able to appreciate your bread properly.

SourDom 2006 November 13

Awoke to a frothy fibulation of bacterial frenzy.


sour taste is a good sign

well done again


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