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Finally found a baking schedule that allows me to bake a good slowbaked rye.
I wasn't quite happy with my old recipe and inspired by Bill's wonderful light rye loaves I decided to sift some of the wholewheat rye flour. This lead to the conclusion that I need a flour sifter!
And this is the bread:[img]http://www.sourdough.com.au/gallery/d/4879-1/x061017_rug.jpg[/img]
It does seem lighter than my previous bread. And it smells so good! (I have still to taste it).
I'm not sure if it's a bit overproved, it dough was more active than I expected...

I'm also working with the "problem" that my starter is too active for a 24 hour bulkfermentation of the sponge.
So this time I put the sponge in the fridge after 8 hours at room temperature and left it there for another 16 hours. The sponge turned out nice and sour and with lots of air in it, but not extremely sour.

Next time I'll try to add the salt in the sponge as some recipes recommend and see if that will slow down the fermentation a bit. Or I could try not activating the starter like I do now (I feed it twice 12 hours apart).

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nina 2006 October 19

Thanks Jeremy, TP and Carla
I just mixed another sponge for this bread, this time with salt in it. I'm curious to see if that will slow down fermentation...

@ TP: I'm so not ready for the baguette challenge yet... I've only just managed to befriend the basic white.

@carla: No it's my own recipe. Based on a tweaked version of a tweaked recipe from danish authour Camilla Plum...
Do you mean der-Saurteig. de? I found the forum this summer, but I haven't registered. I can read German OK but my writing is hopeless... so I didn't register.
Can you recomemnd the rye recipes from there? maybe I should go take a look again...

And now I'm off to read my new book - just got Jeffrey Hamelman's "Bread" in the mail this morning! Woopee!

nina 2006 October 20

Hi Nina,
Going to take a class with Jeffrey next week! Will post pic on my site!
Ah, the envy!
Well I'm looking forward to seeing your pics, Jeremy. Have fun!

@TP: yes, it's very different from The Handmade Loaf and yet they're alike in some way. I'm still on the first chapters and my initial thought is they complement eachother nicely.

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Jeremy 2006 October 17

That is beautiful Nina, still like your other loaf, the oneI tried!

As an old waiter I worked with used to say" Fierce!"


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