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Hey all!
funny while all of you over on the otherside of the world are asleep
I am at work waiting for the dinner service, just tired I guess? So I decided to post nonsense! We had a fairly busy lunch and I arrived at 8:30 this morning after only about 4 hours sleep, so now I feel exhausted! The baguettes tasted good, but since I left school and stopped baking in bakeries it seems almost hard to reproduce a great baguette? Funny how such a simple loaf could be so challenging, must be the fact that it's just so historical an icon among breads?
Just knocked out a table, three more to go, whew I am beat! The baking was ok, trying to actually do the steps by analyzing is more difficult, must be the artist side of me, although artists are sometimes highly analytic and organized! From now on I will try to keep a journal of each loaf, maybe even make a designed study of the reactions, hmmm a promise I must keep like a new years resolution,mmmm maybe after Oz fest 2007!

Cheers ladies and gents!


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