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In terms of Categories, where are we heading?

Heres a mockup of our current forum with a few adjustments:

Open Talk
Technical Centre

Recipes OT
(more sections needed here...)


What do you invision?....Draw your own version up if you like.

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Normbake 2006 October 7

yes FAQ and a map seems like a good idea.
Maybe in the future we could all get together in some exotic part of this earth and discuss world events and how all our breadmaking skills could effect the worlds wheat supplies.
Only dreaming

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Jeremy 2006 October 7

I was thinking more in line with a a Graham bakery tour bus, then some eating, and well general cooking and talking? In August in Australia, how's the weather then?

hint, hint!


Normbake 2006 October 7

Hi Jeremy a bus tour would be a good idea, weather in august is ok about 20c 22c not too hot your plum tart looks nice i bet it tasted really nice too.
cheers Normbake

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Jeremy 2006 October 7

Normabka, bus tour walkabout, just like a hippy love in the 60's but with bread included!


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Jeremy 2006 October 7

Move us over don't know how?
Sounds fun though no? Gotta talk to Graham! He and I talked about it in my interview, to be posted this weekend! I hope!


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Jeremy 2006 October 2

Bakers percent/math
calculators and formulas
bread videos or photos
contest/bake off in relation to a certain formula

Ta, said my bit,

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SourYumMum 2006 October 2

Hi Maedi,

Perhaps an area for news or interesting links? Not things that are 'officially' recommended by, but that members might stumble upon and find interesting from time to time.

Mind you, I guess that is also easily handled in Open Talk.


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Maedi 2006 October 2

Good ideas folks.

A Tools area is a good idea. So is a contest/bake off area, although I'm not sure how it would work.

I don't think we should have a video/photo area. I think that we should'nt categorize by media.

An 'interesting things' area could also be employed.

Thankyou for your suggestions, Jeremy and Carol.

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TeckPoh 2006 October 2

I'm going to ignore the directly above post...never smile at a crocodile...

How about a Map? We can pin our location on it. You can have a big one for Oz and a world map for the rest of us important members.

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SourYumMum 2006 October 2

I love TP's map idea ... they're great.


PS. I have no idea what 'midget porn' is and I suspect I really don't want to know.

SourDom 2006 October 3


the thing most needed is a FAQ, particularly for the beginner's forum
that could include links to previous threads.
Though I have almost finished the tutorials I just don't have the time


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