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It was another weekend of hot humid weather, Indian summer we call it, fall but not yet!
So I tried to make the competetive Challah,pronounced hallah...rrralllah very gutteral! And then some rye fruit bread, the bread got stuck on the peel and a quater fell off ont to the oven floor! Bread abuse!The final product was fantastic though, sour rye and sweet dry berries..mmmmmm!
Challa not as beautiful as TP, no secret, she is quite a baker!


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TeckPoh 2006 October 5

Loosely followed Jeremy's formula above. Used 2/3 wholemeal flour, 1/3 plain bread flour with around 10% bran squeezed in there somewhere. I wanted to do a twisted bread, but I guess I didn't add enough butter, so everything stuck together. Baked in a bundt mould. My crumb doesn't look half as good as J's...I think I overproved it...the dough was turning wet. And, I never knew my starter could produce bread so puckerishly sour...my preferment was 16 hours long. I also forgot to watch the bread..it having brown sugar and all....burnt the top.


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Jeremy 2006 October 5

OOOOOOh! puckerishly, new word! Looks good different idea entirely, variety and interestingly you added butter and sugar, reading the Whitley book! Additives!

Great pics, anything like that shadowy light, hmmm food porn!
Sort of retro 70's [b]playbread[/b]!Jeremy

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TeckPoh 2006 September 25

I have some starter raring to go, but couldn't decide what to bake. After seeing that drool-inducing fruit bread of yours, Jeremy, it's going to be today's bake. Yummmmmmmmm.

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Jeremy 2006 September 27

Well I need to share this recipe if your drooling! Funny my loaf was sticking on the peel and when I realeased it on the stone it went a 1/4 way over the stone! Yikes, what a smelly burning mess! Though it was ugly it is still moist and maturing well after 3 days, it goes great with French Pyrenees cheese too or blue stick from England!

Here it goes! You can put any fruit you like really

510 g Rye levain
680 g water
992 white wheat with 25 %bran
21 g salt
230g fruit * this is good with currants and anise seeds
you could shape them into twists for pull aparts, will have to do a demo for that!


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carla 2006 October 1

My weekend bake for the visitors who needed "German" breads...


Normbake 2006 October 1

Very good baking Jeremy and Carla
Jeremy adding the bran is a good idea I will try it in my white loaf next time I sometimes add cracked bulgar wheat which gives a nice tasty chewy texture.


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