I miss my baby owen!

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"Sly little baby...you must have missed mommy too. That's why you talked Big Oven into acting up, just so you can spend more time with me."

Ooo...I'm going to LOVE the next 3 days. Big Oven's been naughty...first she bursts her bulbs, now she has refused to light up for more than 5 seconds. The Cat inspected her for 45 minutes and pronounced that nothing seems visibly wrong. In fact, I'm not to trouble myself to look for someone to come fix her because he's coming home (at 10 pm tonight) and going to poke around her again. And, I've been so clever, putting off baking for the past 2 days because I wanted the bakes to still taste fresh on the Bake Sale Day. That means there's going to be lots of quality time with my baby owen because I just have to bake 20 boxes pistachio biscotti - pack of 10, 24 boxes choc coated flapjacks - pack of 5, 30 boxes lemon bars - pack of 7, and 20 boxes blondies with caramel frosting - pack of 3.

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TeckPoh 2006 September 7

Jeremy: Rubber ducky is BATHROOM towel holder which 5-yo insists on sticking to the kitchen tiled wall. May have CAT on the menu for brekkie tomorrow.

Bill: What has Murphy got against me???

Not used to working with such tight space. Just got an owen burn.

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Bill44 2006 September 7

Bill: What has Murphy got against me???
Murphys Law is never personal, it's a fact of life. "If anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possable moment."

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TeckPoh 2006 September 8

DAY 1: Victory over Adversity. Am on schedule. Biscotti and Flapjacks (yet to dip in choc) done.

White flag. The Cat is going to arrange for the oven people to come over tomorrow.

Do I see a flicker of hope for a new owen? Maybe if I feed the repairmen some of the goodies?

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TeckPoh 2006 September 8

You are all bananas!!! But, then so am I, in another sense. They call chinese who are english educated amd think in english (although I can read [i]some[/i] chinese, can speak cantonese well and some chinese dialects) bananas....yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

Owen (he'd better like sweets and isn't too competent in his job, heh heh) can only come AFTER 3 pm. Sigh.

p/s Those nanas were for you, Carol...and croc.

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