Muffins - Not avatar quality, though

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These are made from the recipe posted by Jeremy (THANKS!!)

[quote] is a English muffin recipe I had from school, I know you like those nooks and cranny's!
128g milk
83g water
15g butter
87g flour
161g bread flour
7g salt
93g levain

Instead of 87g plain flour, I used spelt . I haven't computed the hydration but it's a pretty wet dough, so I baked them in a muffin tin. A very good muffin...but I WANT BILL'S HOLES!! Bill...takes 3 tries, does it?


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TeckPoh 2006 September 5

Only dried berries I can find here is CRANberries. I'm going to have it with......BANANAS!!! and kaya, a local egg/coconut milk jam, and the kids will want to sprinkle it with brown sugar.

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carla 2006 September 5

[b]kaya, a local egg/coconut milk jam[/b]

Ah lovely TP
I am sure you have a recipe for that too!
Could you please post it in the appropriate section of this wonderful forum?
Many thanks

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Bill44 2006 September 5

TP, first clue. Cake muffins are cooked in a muffin tin, "English Muffins" are first cooked in a frying pan, before going into the oven for a very short time.

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TeckPoh 2006 September 5

Big sigh. I see. Jeremy did tell me that..but I was too chicken to try. I'll definitely try this again. Tasted wonderful.

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bianchifan 2006 September 5

just go with it next time nd you wil get those holes!
good idea, meanwhile I walk to my record player playing DJ and put FZ's Bongo Fury on...

Croc 2006 September 6

but I WANT BILL'S HOLES!! Bill...takes 3 tries, does it?

just to make you mad i'm going to bake those and get HUGE holes in first go

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