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Whats the story behind the broken bike in your avatar?

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matthew 2006 September 1

Thanks for asking that forno, I've been meaning (as a person who can appreciate a nice bike) to ask myself for days.

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bianchifan 2006 September 2

Hi folks,
what do you wonna know?

It's crashed, a noble sportscar thwarted me. BUMS.
It was my first pedigreed racing bike..for a long time.
When I used my synonym "Bianchifan" first time Iregistered at a highly frequented GPS-Forum. There were so many motorists, so many, I just feeled me driven to mirror them.
I retained and added running picture later, for [img][/img] Pöt

forno 2006 September 4

Nice bike, shame to see it all busted up like that. Did the Noble driver do the noble thing and replace the bike?

I have a Gios Compact Pro

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