The importance of accuracy.

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Just to emphasise the importance of accuracy when you are weighing your ingredients I am posting the following.

I wanted to adjust my standard 750g rye recipe from 64%hyd to 66%hyd, have a guess as to how much I had to change the flour and water. See below, don't cheat.

Add 5g of water and take out 6g of flour, so you can see how important it is to be accurate with your measurements.

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lightningbolt 2006 August 7

I dont understand your mathematical basis for arriving at -6g flour and +5g water.

Here's some beginner's logic:

Total (64%)
Flour 458g
Water 293g

To make 66%
Total Water/458 = 0.66
Total Water = 302g, i.e. just add 9g of water to the 'rest'

And you say
Reduce flour to 452 (i.e. 358g added to rest)
Increase Water to 298g (i.e. 204g to rest)
giving 66% hydration

Could you give me a hint as to the maths trick I can use to calculate this?

gt 2006 August 8


Here is a discussion from a couple of weeks ago that explains what I think you are looking for.


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