what is best way ?
i tried with wet knife and brushed in oil and dry and it seem that dry knife works best but still i always pull the dough while slashing
when i do short slashes it isn't too bad but the long slash is always nightmare for me
any tips welcomed

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TeckPoh 2006 August 3

Ooo...I'm so excited I have to share this. I experienced an epiphany.

Last night, I made 3 batons. As I was slashing the first one...I was still my hesitant self, as if afraid I'll hurt my bread. Then for the 2nd loaf, I thought, what the heck and just did it. And, it just clicked. It worked. Mind you, previously, for all my pathetic efforts, I had to shove my breads into the fridge to harden the skin a bit before I had any confidence to slash it. These 2 loaves were left to prove in room temperature. I thought this was a fluke...luckily, I had a 3rd loaf to try it on. This was from the fridge, though. But, I know I've got the technique correct now. I didn't have to oil or wet the blade either. You just have to be [b]swift[/b]. So simple but yet eluded me all this while.

I'm happy. This calls for a celebration. The torta?

Humour me....tell me the slashes are beautiful.


Croc 2006 August 3

very nice

i managed to do some nice slashes last night, i used small very sharp knife and cut it by not sliding in one move but going up and down with knife and it worked really well, just was bit chicken to do it deeper but it was good.

lightningbolt 2006 August 5

I was thinking of using a scalpel knife to slash. you know the ones with the disposable blades in the foil packets? In regards to the blade, is it better to come to a point or be curved at the end?

It will be a dough autopsy

chembake 2006 August 5

Whatever is your cutting implement, a scalpel, disposable razor, or an old fashioned razor, box cutter, etc the slash is supposed to be done quickly so that you will not drag the dough...

Croc 2006 August 18

thanks to swift slashing, i think it was bill advice, i managed to master slashing
now it is just another step in process and not nightmare as it was for me before

i still can't believe how easy it is when done right

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carla 2006 July 31

Try [url=][b]this[/b][/url]

Croc 2006 August 8

well i had to push myself to do it really fast and smooth and to my shock i got perfect slash

i didn't cut in very deep (about 1cm) and wasn't sure if it is ok to go over again to make it deeper, is it?

SourDom 2006 July 31


I am still in the process of writing a tutorial on the final stages of preparation of a loaf including slashing and baking. But here are a few thoughts in the meantime.

THe two most critical factors in a good slash (of a loaf I mean) are the sharpness of the blade and the demeanour of the slasher.
To get the best effect use a razor blade or something similarly ultra-sharp. Bakers use a special tool to hold a dispoasble razor blade - called a lame. The picture that Carla alludes to is of one of Bill's custom made lames available through Graham's online store.
I have been using a type of 'stanley' knife from a hardware store for the last 6 months or so. It has the advantage of being able to lock the nasty blade out of the way (away from tiny prying fingers). It is also one of those ones that you can snap off the end of the blade after it has become a little blunt, rather than needing to replace the blade frequently.
Alternatively some would suggest using a sharp serrated knife. eg

When slashing the loaf be brave and bold rather than careful and hesitant. Avoid impaling yourself with the knife, but as long as you avoid that you can let yourself go! It is more of a horror-movie throat slashing action than a surgical incision!!
Have the blade on a 45 degree angle so that you cut a flap rather than just a line in the surface of the dough. Try slashing about 1cm deep.
Avoid going back and trying to correct a slsah that isn't quite right (if you can resist the temptation).

I have never used anything except a dry blade. I have no experience with using water or oil.

hope this helps


Croc 2006 July 31

thanks for that info

i'm making my own lame as i type this, only stoped so i can get drill from a garage

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