The weekend bake


All these photos of wonderful bread inspired me to bake last weekend and then to photograph and share the results. So finally after a busy week and two failed attempts here are the results.

This is my standard white sourdough in batard and boule.


The crumb of the three was a bit different, here are some closeups. Each one was shaped differently, even the two batard. I also experimented with a lengthwise slash and baguette style slashes. I think I get more consistent results with the lengthwise slash, will need to keep practising the baguette style.





I also baked a Thom Leonard French Country Loaf from Artisan Baking by Maggie Glezer. It's a bit cool here at the moment so I proofed it in the hot water cupboard and didn't keep a close enough eye on it. So it was overproofed I think,and then it browned too quickly in the oven. Rather than turn the temperature down I decided to see what happened. Well here it is.




A bit flat and burnt , but it still tasted very nice with lamb shank and barley soup. I guess you live and learn! I don't find the burnt taste too strong, but then I'm biased!

The main thing is we're eating sourdough again!


Oops it appears I only inserted the thumbnails , but I'm not going to do it all again, if you want to see the bigger versions you'll have to go to the gallery, sorry.... Next time I'll to it properly.

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matthew 2006 July 15

That is, two failed attempts at posting the results. Hopefully my next post won't take as much time...

TeckPoh's picture
TeckPoh 2006 July 15

Well done, Matthew! Your slashing's still better than mine. Love the french country loaf's.

p/s you don't have to post the pix all over again. In edit mode, just delete 'thumbnail' from the urls inserted between the Img codes.

Bill44's picture
Bill44 2006 July 15

Great work Matthew, nice loaves and good crumb. See my blog on how slashing can affect your loaves. Don't worry about the overproof mate, we've all done/do it.

Jeremy's picture
Jeremy 2006 July 16

Nice work mate,
I actually like that dark caramelization in a crust, you get the different layers sort of like a layer of soil or rings in a tree trunk....hmm hard to explain?


northwestsourdough's picture
northwestsourdough 2006 July 16

Your breads looks really chewy and have a nice looking crust and very nice crumb. YOu are certainly doing well, I bet your family is clamoring for more! The burnt loaf actually has the most eye appeal, if you wouldn't have told us it was burnt, but a dark German loaf or something, you could have gotten away with it!

nina 2006 July 16

Those look delicious! And I'll have to agree with the others, the dark one is really good-looking. Great color and beautiful slashes.

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