Resigned to BIAV

Hi all
Well after a long absence I briefly come back to announce that I have formely resigned as
EO to BIAV because of differences of opinions,objective with the board.
Short but useful stay at BIAV helm. I have learned a lot about the industry and its players .I wish I had continued in that position but  it became untenable for me so I threw the towel on the ring. 
For the future I may recycle myself as a grain trader  as I was one in the past but now with greater volatility there is more opportunities to come back to.
Best regards to you Graham and hope one day we'll meet.
Thank you
Richard AKA PAN

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Graham 2008 March 2

BIAV stands for the Baking Industry Association of Victoria. They are one of several Australian baking groups that are connected to BMIAA (Bread Manufacturers Industry Association of Australia). BIAV propose to operate under "ABA Australian Baking Associations".

The ABA Artisan Baker Association (ABA operate Sourdough Companion) are obviously pretty annoyed that another baking association intends to register an "ABA" derived trademark and use it in the same market place. So ABA (the real ABA) have opposed BMIAA's trademark application through IP Australia.

I really do not know much else about BIAV. On their website they state: The Baking Industry Association of Victoria - the peak employer organization for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail Baking Industry in Victoria.

The current BIAV Committe of Management includes representatives from Baker's Delight, Peerless Foods EOI, Sunbeam Cakes, Goodman Fielder, Australian Bakels as well as independent bakers.

I have heard that groups like this do offer quite good professional business advice to bakers (wages, insurances, health and safety, etc).

However there are many industry interests involved...all looking for a return on their funding or participation. It must be tough trying to make decisions that will satisfy the motivations of such a diverse industry group.

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