Using wheat starter for rye bread

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I make a 60% rye bread with a wheat sourdough starter, with a 7-9 hour ferment. By switching to a rye sourdough starter does anyone know from their experience or research if the rye culture makes the rye bread more digestive than the wheat culture used with rye flour. I really want to know if it is worth cultivating the rye culture or if the wheat brings out the same qualities.
Cheers Hasan
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Danubian 2008 March 4

G'day Hasan,

Welcome to the board.

I'm not able to comment on the details of nutritional merrits or pros and cons, except that the process you describe seems reasonably complete in producing a nutrious bread. Perhaps others may be better versed in this discipline. But in terms of bread characteristics the choice is really yours, but in my opinion if making rye, why not ferment the rye? If making wheat, likewise ferment the wheat. I believe the method you are using is able to produce quality bread but it depends upon the characteristics of the flour you are using.

There is one thing you might consider; rye generally has a higher maltose level and often a more pronounced amylase activity than wheat.

Try it out and see. Let us know what you find and post a picture if you're able.

Good luck. 


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