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 hi - here is my first starter, and it is only 5 days old and in the photo you can see the line after feeding last night. Although it has grown tons, and is it too soon to use?. Thanks. PS - I am feeding it 30%% rye and 70%% strong white 100%% hydration

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Vincent 2012 June 23

Might seam like an odd question but I am quite new to sourdough....Does everyone close the lid of their kilner jars? I'd really like to close mine, as it takes up more room with it open, but I haven't dared. I rather thought it migh explode!?



Robear 2012 June 23

I have no doubt that if you close the lid and its an airtight seal then the kaboom will not be far away!

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Old Possum 2012 June 23

Just close the lid on the jar but don't lock it down with the spring. I quite often use a screw top jar with the lid screwed on half way but I also know that there's not enough starter to fill the jar. Covering it does help prevent contamination from outside agencies like kamikaze blowflies or curious cats.

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