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If we want toast we have to use a grill that is part of our electric Oven. I feel that this is an rather inefficient option, especially as the bread takes a long time to brown.


Does anyone know of any sensible toasters that will cope with the 'awkward' artisan shapes of the sourdough loaves. I make both these and also a rather narrow sandwich loaf of 100% rye.


One toaster of interest is this one


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Zhiem 2015 August 17

That's an Amaz(on)ing toaster. And yes grills in electric ovens are not so efficient.

For awkward sourdough slices I just drizzle the bread with olive oil and place it on a heated frypan. It browns quickly, has a great taste and I don't need to put on butter/margarine later. The slices can be any shape or thickness and if I am having say, eggs or tomatoes on toast, I can do it all together.


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