Hi.  My starter is about eight months old and frankly not getting any more sour.  Is ther a place where it just stays with the same sourness? Also it has been in ther refer for six weeks with no additional flour or warm water.  Is there a way to tell if it's still active.  If I merely add water and flour wouldn't the new stuff just bubble without help from the original patch?  I am in San Francisco, you'ed think I would know all about my starter... LOL

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farinam 2012 November 28

Hi putitupmike,

I think that once your starter stabilises it really is pretty stable unless you do something different or add something new to the culture.  Without knowing exactly how you maintain and feed your culture it's hard to say more than that.

If you keep your culture in the fridge it is certainly possible to leave it for at least a month (I have done so myself) and it will spring back to life as soon as you start adding fresh flour.  At worst, it will take a couple of feeds to get back to full strength.  I never have pushed the limits on how long you could leave it but I think six weeks wouldn't be a problem (in the fridge) maybe a couple of more feeds to come back to full strength.

Good luck with your projects.


putitupmike 2012 November 28

Farinam,  It's bubbling,,,Not as much as it used to, but I will feed it again later tonight and see how it goes.  Anyone have an idea for Sourdough Dumplings? 

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