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Hi folks.

What do you all think about the ability to tag and rate content? This is currently done only with videos.

Tags are simply keywords you enter when posting "bread, folding, french, gluten, gosset". For example this lets someone find all content about "folding". Ratings would allow anyone to give a star-rating out of 5 to a piece of content. The site can then show the highest rated content etc. Overall tags and rating would make it easier to find things, but it could complicate the process of posting. Do we need them?

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chembake 2008 September 5
Maedi, bright ideas are good, but not often practical, it’s making the forum more complicated and it will likely reduce its user’s friendliness.

 I think the best thing to do is to apply the principle of KISS- Keep it Simple and Sweet.
matthew 2008 September 17

I think that these would be good features to add in the future.  But I'd like the forum to stabilise for a while first.  Bed down the appearance and features, let people get used to a stable environment that has the bugs ironed out. At the moment one of the reasons I'm less frequently using the site is that it's changing a lot and is confusing me a bit.  I'd like to get familiar with a stable look and feel at the moment, if new features put that at risk I'd rather wait for the new features.

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Maedi 2008 September 17
Thanks Matthew, you've actually really made me think. I hope it hasn't been too chaotic for you. I guess the reason for all the change is that I haven't felt the site is at the level it should be, in terms of ease of use. But you're right, changing things often would only deter usability. I'll iron out those bugs!

I'll make a mental note to improve the forums, they do need a bit of polish. And this should come before a big change such as adding a recipes area?

Thanks again,
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LeadDog 2008 September 18
It is most likely that you can't do anything about this but the forum looks really bad when I view it with Internet Explorer and Windows XP.  When I use a Mac and Safari or Firefox it looks great.  If you are going to polish up the forums a bit maybe you can find out what cause IE to make a mess of the forum.
Recipe area?  That is a great idea.
Here is something that would be nice but I'm not sure if it is possible.  Can the recent blog posts show if there has been new replies to the topic or not?  In the same way that the forum shows new posts to a thread.
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Maedi 2008 September 18
Yeh it's a mess in IE. I think this will be the first thing I'll take a look at, and definately make an effort to fix.

Sure, I'll make the 'Recent blog posts' show new replies. Do you mean, just when you're hovering over the links, that it shows '2 comments'? or at the top of the blog post it will say '3 new replies'? or something else?

I think there's a lot of support for a recipes area. I can't wait either :) After I've ironed out a few bugs, we'll do it.
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LeadDog 2008 September 19
I was thinking of the area of the footer where it says "Recent blog posts" if there was some indication to show that there was a new comment made to a blog.  Right now the only way to see if there is a new comment is to click on the link.  I have checked the links and if there are no comments after a while I quit checking them.  The other day I checked one and there had been an interesting exchange going on that I had missed.

Great to here about a future recipe area.  I know for a long time I would say to myself I would like to make a cerrtain kind of bread but all I could find was yeasted recipes.  I think I have advanced a little bit since then and I will now experiment on how to convert yeasted recipes to sourdough.  It is just nice to have a one stop recipe area for sourdough.

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