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Greg Dee

Hello bakers....

I have been baking for a year or so and really enjoying the process and the outcome.  The last 6 - 8 loaves have been spltting open and I can't seem to figure out why this is happening.  Bread tastes fine but looks pretty strange.  Any clues?  Thanks so much. Greg D.

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shasta 2013 October 1

Hi Greg,

My first thought is under proofing in the final proofing. However, I use to see cracking on my loaves when I turned them out of the banneton just before baking. That issue was resolved with a shorter first proofing. 

Have you noticed any cracking or splitting just prior to baking?

Have you changed anything in your process or ingredients?

Greg Dee 2013 October 1

Hi Shasta,

Yes I think you are probably correct.  I have been rushing final proofing the last few times.  And I will also check if loaves are splitting when I turn them out of my banettons....Thanks so much.  Cheers, Greg D.

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