Sourdough transfer board?


Something that has bugged me for ages - What is the official name of the boards you can get that help transfer the sourdough to the setter/whatever  you might use to place sourdough on stone based oven.


They are most useful when baking baguettes, so you dont get finger prints or collapse the wall of the shaped baguette, however can be used for any artisan bread shaped in a couche.


Any help is appreciated.


Thanks, Aaron

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farinam 2015 January 16

Hi Aaron,

Often is wooden but can also be metal with a wooden handle.  I know of people who use a piece of cardboard to do it on the cheap and cheerful!

Hope this helps.


vet_ca 2016 June 27

It's called a peel and as Farinam says it can be made of wood or metal with a wooden handle.  Hahaha cardboard also but it has to be pretty darn rigid.



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