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Hello everybody!

I´ve recently got my starter set to bake, following the instructions from the forum "starter from scratch", and I wanted a recipe for my fist attempt to bake a sourdough bread.  If possible, a easy one, so that I have less chances to do it wrong..... Could someone give a suggestion?

(my english is a little rusty since I´m Brazilian , so please forgive me if I made some mistakes above)



by  Dúnia

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farinam 2011 July 7

Welcome Dunia,

If your starter is 100% hydration (equal grams of flour and water - and I assume it is since you followed the method from here) a recipe that I used with great success is 180g of starter, 500g flour and 320g water.  This is for a basic white loaf. If you are using wholemeal you will need to add more water depending on the proportion of wholemeal.

I would practice with the white bread flour first until you get your confidence up then the world is your oyster.

Keep on bakin'


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Dúnia 2011 July 7

Thank you, be sure I´ll test everything that I can, once I get the "mojo" of sourdough baking. Hahaha

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Midnite Baker 2011 July 7

Greetings Dunia,

Don't forget to add 10 grams salt to your dough when mixing all the ingredients together.  And your English

is perfect!  Happy Baking. M   I'm from North Central Iowa, USA.

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