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farinam 2013 November 9

Hello claraagnes,

When it is so easy and satisfying to create your own, why would you want to buy it?  Have a look at SourDom's beginners Blog (link at the top of the right hand column of the page) and all will become clear.

If you do want to get some starter then a web search for sourdough bakeries in your area would be a good place to start.  If you approach them nicely they might even give you some.  Otherwise, there are places that sell on the web and will take your hard earned and post you some.

Good luck with your projects.


mozzie 2013 November 9

Starters depend a lot on the local conditions and flours used.

So it is more  usual to grow/ "build" your own starter, using the local supplies. Lots of instructions on this web site. It might seem like a bit of work but remember that you have to keep it  going ...

You can buy some starters, too,  but I'd suggest that a starter from a  local supplier is more likely to be successful.

You may also find someone local who is happy to pass some on to you

MoniGeek 2013 November 11

If you live in the Bay Area, the Cheeseboard Collective in Berkeley does sell sourdough starter if you ask for it.

Alternatively, I have a starter that I caught a couple years ago that is very robust that I'm happy to share for free. 

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