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Hello, my name is Dúnia, I´m from Brazil and I´m starting today in the sourdough companion. I have a question about baking sourdough breads: How can I make those wonderful drawings on the surface of the bread (the ones like wihte strips)?

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rossnroller 2010 November 30

I think you may be referring to stencilling. You can do this in all sorts of ways (see here, for some amazing examples of multi-coloured designs using stencils and various spice powders).

More commonly, though, you can just use plain flour to dust over the stencil. Shiao-Ping has done some lovely stencilled designs in this way. See this link, for example (the Gerard Rubaud bread is a gorgeous complex flavoured bread, too, incidentally - well worth trying, with or without the stencilling).

As you'll see if you read through that thread, the stencilling is done just before scoring the dough and loading it into the oven. About 1/3 of the way down the thread, you'll see a post from Shiao-Ping entitled "Microsoft Word For Stencil", in which she describes the stencilling process in more detail.

Hope that helps.


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Dúnia 2010 December 1

Thanks for the tips everyone! I´m just starting to bake my own sourdough breads, and despite many of them have turned worng I´m not going to give up....hahaha.

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LeadDog 2010 December 1

Dúnia when I was in Brazil many years ago I had a bread called coconut bread and I really liked it.  I think it was made from coconut but I'm not sure.  Have you ever heard of anything like it and if so is it possible to get a recipe?

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Dúnia 2010 December 1

Hum, well, if you give some more details about it I would be very happy to help you. I think have some idea of what that might be, so I´ll try to find something here. Where have you had that bread, I mean, at what city? Was it small, big, was there some kind of filling? Was there a creamily topping?

(sorry if my english is not so good, but it´s been a while since the last  time I spoke in english, hehehe). Bye bye

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LeadDog 2010 December 2

 It was in the city of Sao Paulo.  The bread was shaped like a loaf, no fillings or toppings.  Might not be a bread that is popular in your part of Brasil.

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Dúnia 2010 December 11

Hello again! I have a question, and I know it´ll seem very idiot but I´ll ask it anyway....

I´m aware that sourdough means that the dough is sour, but I want to know how intense must this sour taste be? I mean, is it VERY sour or just a LITTLE? Because it think that my sourdough bread is getting too sour, and once I never tasted a real sourdough bread baked by experts I tought it´d be wiser to ask people who are more experienced that me...

Thanks! And sorry about the english translation again....

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