Sourdough Noodles taste VERY sour!


This is my first time to post here.  I am just new to sourdough and have made a few things with my starter.  Today I tried the Rustic Sourdough Noodle recipe with sourdough starter, water, and egg yolk.    The dough sat overnight, and then I rolled it out this morning, and let the noodles dry. I added the noodles to boiling chicken stock, and was planning on having chicken/noodle dinner.  However, upon taste testing before serving to the family, the soup tasted HORRIBLE!  So sour that I almost gagged!  I added more salt, more chicken bouillon, more seasonings, and still the sour taste was just overwhelming the soup.  Is there anything that can be added to the soup to detract from the sour taste, and is this what sourdough noodles taste like?  Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions!  

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farinam 2014 September 20

Hello Spicing,

Was it the broth or the noodles that tasted bad?  

It is hard to imagine that the noodles themselves would have imparted so much flavour.  

Though it does depend on the ratio used, products made with a sourdough base don't necessarily have to taste sour.  However, you only mention starter, water and egg yolk so it is a bit hard to gauge what the actual recipe might have been.

Hope you manage to sort it out and good luck with your projects.


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