sourdough bakery on Brunswick street, Melbourne


I put this in event, as I have not idea where else to put this.

A bakery I had never noticed opened a few months ago in Melbourne on Brunswick street. It's called Rustica Sourdough. I realise most readers here do not live in Melbourne, but for the few who do, has anyone been to it? what was it like?

My tram goes past it every day on my way to work and am planning on stopping for breafast the last week before the xmas break. Anyone wants to join me?



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JenJen 2012 December 5

Hi Olivier,


Do they serve coffee, too?


I won't be able to join you before Christmas. But if you go, please do report back. It's on my tram line as well.



Olivier 2012 December 6

yep, they do coffee too. I am planning on going the last tuesday before xmas, will be there at 7.30 until 8.15. invite still open. JenJen, I will let you know what the coffee is like. By the way, the best coffee on this particular tram line in my opinion is at Pearl Oyster on Miller street, West Preston. If coffee is what you are after, you should not miss that spot!



Olivier 2012 December 17

tomorrow morning, 7.30-8.15 at the Rustica Sourdough bakery and cafe. Nothing weird, just a relaxing coffee and breakfast.

Hope to see you there,



Olivier 2012 December 18



I had breakfast this morning at the bakery on Brunswick street.

First thing you need to know is that the bakery doesn't open at 6.30, as mentioned on their website, but at 7.30.

Anyway, everything was great. The food (smashed avocado with marinated fetta and lemon on lightly toasted seedy sourdough $12) was delicious. My latte was quite strong, the way I like it. The even liked the glass it was served in. There are 7 or 8 breakfast options, only 3 of them include sourdough bread. Unfortunalely I forgot my mobile phone at home, so couldn't photos of the menu or the bread options. That said, I bought a vine fruit and rosemary loaf which I am eating as I am writing this. the girl who sold it to me said it would go well with blue cheese and I am certain she is right, though tearing off bits and eating it like no one can see me is awesome. Other breads they had on display included 2 loaves of partial sourdough bread (a pumpkin one and I can't remember the other), and 6 or 7 traditional sourdoughs. there were 2 organic white options, 2 fruit options, baguettes and seedy loaves. All breads looked great, eventhough the girl assured me that on weekends there are many more options.

The service was relaxed and friendly.


The only comparison I have for Rustica sourdough cafe is Dench bakery just off St George's Road in Fitzroy North. Dench is without doubt in my mind a benchmark in terms of food quality. But it seems to me that Rustica is well worth a visit!

This is obviously only my opinion about  the bakery and I would not pretend to know any better than the next Joe. I would love to hear other opinions about Melbourne's bakeries so I can take my wife and relatives to those!!


Cheers to all,



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