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I am getting a reasonable dough consistency after first fermentation I think. In terms of shaping I thought this video seemed a good guide, nice and clear and shows both batards and boules. It looks similar to other shaping vids I've seen. How does this technique look?

Secondly, at the moment I am not retarding. First rise I do in the bowl with glad wrap on the top. Second rise is in a floured tea towel in a colander and with a another tea towel on top. How does this sound?

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farinam 2011 December 30

Hello redrich,

The link doesn't seem to work for me - page unavailable - not sure what the problem is.

I think that you should choose the technique that suits you.  Pretty much everything out there works for somebody.

I have routinely used the bulk ferment and proving technique that you have outlined and it works a treat.  I also use a simple long narrow cane basket lined with a flour dredged towel if I am doing a batard (which is most common these days)

Hang in there.


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