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hello again to all! I have a question on scoring. I think I am getting better at it, but am finding that even with a deep score, the oven spring I get virtually eliminates the scoring. I mean, you can still see a score, bit it fills in with the oven spring to the point of being even with the crust. this pic is the latest loaf, came out of the oven this morning. scoring was done just a couple minutes prior to putting in the oven, and was about 1/2 inch deep (maybe a little more). I'm afraid to go deeper as most say 1/4 inch deep is about right for decent scoring. what do ya think?
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phaz 2013 April 24
thank you Steve!it tastes good too, for a white sourdough. next I have to get some rye flour and start testing again. this is fun!
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farinam 2013 April 24

...and I don't mean fish :)

Hi Phaz,

I think if you undercut the slash it helps.  Set your lame/knife to an angle of about 30 degrees to the surface of the loaf and see how that goes.

Also on the top of the loaf the slashes should be more or less along the centre-line at a slight angle only, partially over-lapping.

An under-developed or over-proved loaf also will not have the strength for the overhang of and under-cut slash to stay open and can also cause closure.

Good luck with your projects.


phaz 2013 April 25
hi farinam, just so happens I am an avid angler, well, when my back can't handle golf anymore, I go back to fly and rod to give it a break. I will try the undercut, I'm ready for another loaf and will be starting the process shortly. all my loaves are shaped free form, I think they should be stiff enough to handle the undercut as I never had too much trouble holding shape. we will see tomorrow!
phaz 2013 April 27
tried to do the angled score, but had forgotten on 3 of the 4 slashes! the 1 that was angled did give me a little ear, but I am still getting crazy oven spring (which isn't a bad thing, I guess), and things still fill in. I will be practising the angled cuts. the bread is good, crunchy crust, airy and light inside, nice sourness without being overpowering. I hollowed out about half a loaf and stuffed it with the makings for an Italian sub and was eating it while touring the golf course and it was the best sub I've ever had. comments from other golfers were - what the heck is that (it was huge) - I wish I had 1 of those!

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