San Francisco sourdough is bitter, why?

Andrey Sev

Hello everyone!


Today is the sixth day of activating a dry culture. Sourdough grow, looks and smells very good. But the taste is very bitter. Is this normally or not? I worry the bread will be bitter with this sourdough. Activation Temperatures were exact according with EdWood's manual.  Feeding was once a day by bread flour.

Please help!

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farinam 2014 May 21

Hello Audrey,

Can you relate the taste to anything specific that is considered bitter for example coffee, unsweetened cocoa, hops (beer), citrus peel etc or is it just that it is sour (acidic - lemon juice, sour milk, plain yogurt etc)?

In any case, if it looks and smells good and is active, I would just try it and see how the bread turns out at the end.  Not a huge amount to lose other than half a kilo of flour, a few cents worth of energy and a bit of your time.  And you might just be amazed at the result.

Let us know how you go and good luck with your projects.


Andrey Sev 2014 May 22

Hi Farinam!


Thank you very much for respond! The sourdough taste is like bitter medicine pills. I'll try to do the bread in any way.

I'll keep you informed.


Have a nice day. 

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