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I am wondering if anyone out there knows if I can substitute rye flour with rye malt. If so what will the variation be in the loaf as I find it difficult to locate a supplier of ordinary rye flour. I can get small quantities of organic rye at my local health food store but it’s a little heavy on the price tack. As a brewer I’ve got access to a crusher/mill & any type of malt grains.

Cheers Hans    


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andrewd 2011 May 18

Hi Hans,

The only thing to consider is how fine your crusher goes. I don't think mine would get any where near fine enough but then again, it's a fairly basic model.

I would imagine that there would be a flavour difference but the only way to find out is to give it a crack.


HVHB 2011 May 18

 Hey Hans,

The issue with malts is their enzyme action.  Compared to wheat or (especially) barley malts it would be lower in diastatic power (enzyme activity) but this might still be a problem.

In brewing you are looking to convert "as much as possible" into extract.  In bread, this "as much as possible effect would lead to collapsed, failed doughs, I think.  Unfortunately, I don't know much about rye malt's diastatic power, and what enzymes prevail, but I would tend to err on the side of caution and use in quite small amounts, if I were you.

What sort of mill do you have?  Hammer or roller mill?  

You could probably order a 12.5 to 25kg bag of whole rye grains/berries at a fairly reasonable price.  You could then mill as you need the flour.  You would need to either store your whole grains in a barrel purged with carbon dioxide (you probably have access there) or freeze to keep longer term.



Andrew too.

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