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I am working with sour dough. It is good and active. I am using the recipe from the book...Tartine. bread rises, but the internal texture is at best rubbery, what am I doing wrong????? Thanks Mari

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farinam 2015 August 31

Hello Mari,

Without knowing the details of your recipe and method it is a bit hard to say with any surety.  However, a 'doughy' texture can result from a dough that has not had the gluten properly developed.  That is, the dough can pass the 'window' test where it can be stretched into a thin almost transparent layer without breaking or tearing.

Another possibility is if the loaf has not been sufficiently proved before baking.  This can be tested using the 'poke' test.  If the dough springs back immediately and leaves no impression the dough is not yet ready.  If it springs back slowly and leaves a small impression then the dough is ready.  If it does not spring back at all it is over proved and the laof will likely collapse rather than rise in the oven.

One other possibility of course is that the loaf has been undercooked either due to too short a baking time or too low an oven temperature.  It is possible that thermostats in domestic ovens are in error and if this is a possibility then a check with an oven thermometer could be appropriate.

Good luck with your projects.


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