Reviving a dried starter


I dried and ground some of my starter on 25/4 and stored in a sealed kilner jar.  Added 30g water to 30g of the dried starter 2 days ago and have been adding exponentially and so far no it too soon to expect any action?  Any help, suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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shasta 2013 June 15

I would think you would be seeing some signs of life but I would give it another day or two. How warm is it where you are keeping it? That could be slowing things down if its very cool.

janisem 2013 June 18

Thanks Shasta, showing signs of life at last, 68 degrees at most in my kitchen at the moment so maybe a little slow to start.  Don't worry Merrid she's not going hungry,  just added solely water to hydrate the dry mix on the first day then fed as normal.  

Anyone else been having warning messages come up when trying to access the forum page lately?

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farinam 2013 June 18

Hi janisem,

There has been an ongoing problem with the website for sometime now.  I gather it is related to the ISP and software upgrades.  Maedi is well aware of the problem and is trying to get it resolved but in the meantime we will have to be patient.

Good luck with your projects.


trab 2014 October 28

Yes ! I joined today and have had these messages come up, as a result it was responsible for 4 identical comments from me on a it kept asking for a code.

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