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I've just typed and then accidently deleted a long post about this bread. Here's the shortened revised version:


I saw a recipe online for an onion and gorgonzola bread, and decided to make it because i had a bit of gorgonzola hanging around. I lost the recipe so improvised my own, softening thickly sliced red onions in olive oil because i really detest undercooked onion, chopping up the cheese, and folding both into the sourdough. The bread took 24 hours to make with a couple of long periods in the fridge to fit around my working day. It could have been cooked for a few more minutes, and i should have made 2 loaves instead of the one giant loaf i made, but it was delicious with the beef casserole for dinner last night...




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sourdoughmama 2012 February 11

I would love to try this. When I want to use add-ins whether flavorings or grains, I start with the basic 3-2-1 recipe of 3 parts flour 2 parts liquid (I love to add whey from my yogurt making), and 1 part 100% hydration starter all by weight. I woud like to try this with the 3-2-1 as the basis. My question is when do you fold in your cheese and onions, i.e. right before forming loaves.  I have wanted to try cheese, but was uncertain how to add in.



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farinam 2012 February 14

Hi sourdoughmama,

I sort of followed the recipe posted by Karniecoops and incorporated the cheese during the stretch and folds.  I have also done this with dried fruit and other additives.  Basically, stretch your dough out into a rectangle and spread about a third of your extras over the middle third.  Fold one third of the dough over and spread a second third of the extras over that.  Then fold the remaining dough third to cover.  Repeat the exercise with half of the remaining extras for each of the sideways folds.

If you do this earlier in your S&F sequence you will end up with a more uniform distribution but you are likely to have 'break-outs' during the subsequent S&Fs.  It is not really a problem, you just have to stuff it back in somewhere and press on regardless.

Hope this is clear enough and helps.

Good luck with your projects.


sourdoughmama 2012 February 16

The technique makes sense and i believe that is how I encorporated the apricots for the Early Gray and Apricot loaf. I have wanted to add cheese but wondered about it sitting on counter so long.  I have though become less concerned given taht I have now used whey from my yogurt making for the dough hydration and recently added unsuccessful liquidy yogurt (I messed up the temperature requirement one time).  both worked great and neither spoiled the dough.


Thanks for your advise, Farinam.  I have followed your suggestions in the past with success,


Fireball 2012 February 14

 What is this?  Soaking sliced onions in olive oil?  How long do you soak?  I love red onions.  I would think the onions need to be browned on the stove until clear.  Do you cook the onions or just soak? Overnight?

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farinam 2012 February 14

Hello Fireball,

My interpretation of Gaia's method was that the softening of the onion in olive oil was over heat (a low one I imagine).

Good luck with your projects.


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