Recreation of Vietnamese Banh Mi baguette - my tested recipe with stable success rate


Hi everyone,

My name is Rose. I am new to the forum.

I would like to contribute a a Banh Mi recipe that I have been working with for quite some time already. It has shown stable success: Super airy loaves with crispy crust and moist little white crumb.

Here is the ingredient list for recipe:

160ml lukewarm water (around 35 degree Celsius)
6g fresh yeast
230g bread flour
20g finely grounded rye flour
20g sugar
4g salt
20g odorless oil such as sunflower or canola (or a mixture of 10g melted butter – 10g oil)
½ vitamin C tablet (100mg acid ascorbic per tablet)

Detail about the instruction (which is too long to exlain and retype here) can be found here in my blog post:

For more info about Banh Mi and how we originally make Banh Mi in Vietnam, click here:

If you are interested, kindly follow on the link. This is not spam in any way, I have spend a lot of time and effort on my posts.

For some reasons, maybe because I am a new member, I cannot and do not know yet how put any picture into my post, so no picture for testimonial. But in my blog post, everything is included.

Anyhow, I have had great results with this recipe for quite some times already, and I am a Vietnamese. So, good luck with Banh Mi.

I am new to all this blogging and online communities, so constructive comments, recommendation and discussion are highly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Maedi 2012 April 29

 Hi Rose, simply edit your post and beneath the text editor there is a 'Photo' upload field. Use this field to upload a photo and then click the 'Insert' button to place the photo in your post. Cheers

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farinam 2012 April 29

Hello Maedi,

That's all right if you are starting a new blog.  But if you are adding to an existing one it's not quite that simple.  One of the 'read only' primers perhaps?


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