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Does anyone know anywhere that sells very cheap plastic bannetons. I would love to by more german made but buying 100 of them at $30 each is a bit too much for me at the moment. Any help would be fantastic.

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celia 2008 July 28

Ryan, I don't know if this is of any help at all, but I've been using polyprop (plastic) wicker baskets that cost me between $1.50 - $2.50 each.

Here's a picture of them :

I don't even bother to flour them anymore - I spray them with canola oil, and then just rinse them off when I'm done.  The bread comes out perfectly, with interesting markings.


ryanjs 2008 July 27
Wow they are quite neat, and something a bit different. I may have to look for some tomorrow. At what types of stores have you found those?
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celia 2008 July 27

Ryan, I bought mine at a catering supply store called The Hospitality Store.

It's in their catalogue under kitchenware - baskets - bread - PVC.

I really like them because of the ease of clean-up - I don't like dough covered baskets/banettons which might get mouldy!  And if they get too grotty, I can just chuck them out and replace them.  I don't know how they'd hold up to commercial use, but it certainly wouldn't cost much to try a couple out! :)

Good luck!


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celia 2008 July 28

Hey FP, gorgeous looking vegetables you have there! :)

The round basket in my pic is about 20cm in diameter, and cost from memory about $1.50.  It's the main one I use now, as I mainly make smaller loaves, and I can rise a 500 - 650g loaf in that basket.  I can't actually see that one on their website, but the new ones I have have the code 41848 on them.

The long one was waaay too big for my use, so now we use it to serve bread in.  It was 380mm x 150mm (measuring across the opening).

I also use an oval basket which is 220 x 90mm, which is pretty perfect for small batard-style loaves, and takes 400 - 500g loaves (although my friend Chris has been known to squeeze 700g loaves into it :)).

These should be available at any catering store, since they're pretty commonly used in cafes.  I'm sure I've had fish and chips in these baskets more than once! :)

Cheers, Celia
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FlourPower 2008 July 28
Thanks, Celia, for both the information and the encouragement. I did the digging and the planting, but can't take credit for the growth - the carrots were _ginormous_ (45 cm long some of them!).  The beetroot was a special variety, "cylindrica" I think, and easier to cook and slice (very good flavour, too).
I tried the only hospitality shop I know of in Hobart today for baskets and they only had the too small long ones (for crackers, I think). The shop attendant checked her catalogue, but that didn't help much since I wasn't sure what you had found useful. (good planning on my part, heh?)
I'll try again here or go to your source.
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celia 2008 July 28

FP, the digging and the planting are most of the work!  I'm completely useless in a garden - I can kill mint - so I'm always in awe of people who can grow their own produce!

Don't discount the little basket - if they're PVC and look like a wicker basket, I'd really recommend investing the few dollars (assuming they're cheap) and giving them a go.  I use little oval ones for some of my loaves.

Is this the place you tried?  If not, they could be worth a go?  You know, you might even have luck at something like a Target or a Kmart !  Hmmm...maybe a kitchenware store?

Cheers, Celia

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EricD 2008 July 28

I just have a small remark to do about the polypropylene baskets. Are you sure they are suitable for food contact ? I mean if there is paint on it or colours inside, they might migrate in the dough. So, make sure they have been tested and they are certified food contact compatible, especially if it is for a professional use.
Whatever, for plastic dough banetons, you might find that on the Martfer-Bourgeat's catalogue, on Eurochef Australia web-site :
I didn't have a look on the price but it should not be AU$1.50.
Otherwise, if you are interested in natural wicker baneton linen-clothed I have a good address in France for good cheap ones. The main problem is the postage cost. Otherwise, last time I ordered some (around 30 units of round loaf banetons approx. 30 cm diametre), if I well remember it was less than €20/U for imported goods (French manufactured are much more expansive and the imported are good too).
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celia 2008 July 28

Eric, good point!  These are sold in a catering store, specifically for serving food in, so I believe they're food safe.  They're actually sold as bread baskets and they're not painted or anything.  But I'd be wary of using something that I bought say in a gardening centre.

Thanks for the links, I'll have a look.

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