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hi people does anyone know if marble would be a smart decision to use permanently as the base of my pizza oven that i am currently building i have two pieces of pink and white marble about 1 inch thick .i am building an oven  out of a gas cylinder ya know the big ones ya see at the servo they use to fill ya barby bottle. i have cut one lengthways and then cut out the bottom and welded in a chimney i want to build four brick walls with about 300 mm cavity around the cylinder has anyone got any sugestions on what medium i could use to fill the cavity i will have a flat top on this structure and use as a preparation area with the chimney protruding .i am trying to create the idea of thermal mass on a smaller scale the cylinder is 6 mm thick  to start with.this is an idea that i think will make a good oven to cook pizza ,bread and whatever else .it sounds a little crazy but what the hell .any sugestions would be welcome .cheers
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Maedi 2009 March 12
Hi Dave

This is a quite an interesting idea. My first thought is how suitable is marble in conducting and retaining heat? Fire bricks are expensive but are able to retain heat. Because it's a pizza oven I assume that you'll only be working with live heat. If the marble doesn't crack, then I think it could work.

I googled and got this "Granite or limestone should be good. Don't use sedimentary rocks or anything that absorbs water."

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Fire bricks in action, from My Brick Oven

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